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The Vietnamese team received sad news ahead of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers

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Only 3 months left until the Vietnamese team will enter the important matches of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. However, until now, Coach Park Hang Seo is having a lot of headaches in terms of personnel when the team is having problems. serious loss of force.

The first is Dinh Trong’s injury. The central defender in 1997 suffered a ruptured ligament and had to stop playing until the beginning of next year.

After that, Phan Van Duc also had multiple injuries and had to miss the entire first leg of next season.

And most recently, Mr. Park continued to receive more bad news when his student Duc Chinh officially joined the army of wounded soldiers.

Ha Duc Chinh
Ha Duc Chinh has joined the team of wounded soldiers of the Vietnamese team

Accordingly, the 22-year-old striker had an ankle problem from the Asian U23 Qualifier and recurred in the last matches of the first leg of the V-League 2019.

SHB Da Nang Club has confirmed that Ha Duc Chinh’s ankle injury is worse than expected. The Han River team will take the striker born in 1997 to PVF Football Center to combine treatment with doctor Choi Ju Young.

Preliminary assessment of the Vietnamese team doctor said that Ha Duc Chinh needs at least 2-3 months to completely treat the injury. Thus, it was not until September that the Phu Tho striker returned.

Ha Duc Chinh
It is likely that Duc Chinh will miss his appointment with the 2022 World Cup qualifiers

This is also the time when the Vietnamese team will prepare for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

And it will be very difficult for the striker of SHB Da Nang to regain his fitness and form before joining the team.

The difficulties are piling up and Mr. Park will have a lot of headaches in the process of finding troops to come here.

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