Ronaldo was “pranked” by his teammates, lost the opportunity to surpass Messi in the C1 Cup

Specifically, before the match against the Russian representative in the fourth round of the Champions League group stage, Ronaldo only needs one more goal to surpass Raul Gonzalez along with Lionel Messi to become a striker sowing sadness for many people. The best club in this arena. Previously, all three names mentioned above have scored against 33 different teams in the European Cup.

In fact, in the game against Lokomotiv, Ronaldo came very close to that record when his annoying free-kick left the opposing keeper awkwardly letting the ball slip past his feet. However, when the ball was slowly rolling into the net, Ramsey suddenly appeared to cushion the empty goal.

So the above goal was counted for the Welsh midfielder instead of Ronaldo, and at the same time made the Portuguese superstar lose the record that made Raul and Messi “take their hat off”. Despite being deprived of a goal, the 34-year-old striker still proved extremely comfortable. Unfortunately, in the rest of the time, he could not score the goal of Lokomotiv Moscow.

ronaldo bi dong doi choi kham mat ki luc khien messi nguong mo o cup c1 1
Ronaldo was robbed of the record in the Champions League by Ramsey

In this match, it was thanks to Douglas Costa’s 90+3 goal that the Old Lady of Turin could defeat the opponent. That result also helped them soon win the right to the 1/8 Champions League round when they were 7 points ahead of Lokomotiv while only 2 matches left.

Along with Bayern Munich and PSG, Juventus is one of the first three clubs to participate in the 1/8 round of the European Cup. However, it would be better if the Bianconneri went on on the day that Ronaldo went down in tournament history.


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