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Why is Koeman happy even though Barcelona lost to Salzburg?

In a friendly match that took place this morning (August 5), Barcelona had to receive a 1-2 defeat against Salzburg – an opponent that is much lower than them in terms of level. This is clearly not the result that the fans of this club have been waiting for.

However, sharing after the aforementioned competition, Koeman suddenly affirmed that he was happy despite the team’s defeat. To be more specific about this, the Dutch strategist affirmed:

“The opponent (Salzburg) played as if they were playing a Champions League game. I think that helps my team a lot. We’re in pre-season and high-intensity matches like this will help the players get used to being ready for the new season when many challenges await.

vi sao koeman hanh phuc du barcelona thua salzburg

Although Barcelona must accept defeat against Salzburg

Physically, the whole team must always give their best because this is a high-intensity match. Technically, the two teams competed for tit-for-tat. Of course, no one likes to lose. But after a hard week and what the players did in today’s game, they deserve to be encouraged with encouragement. I am satisfied with the performance of the whole team.

I am happy that the club is able to play a friendly match with such high professional quality.”

The match at dawn on August 5 was Barcelona’s first defeat in a friendly series. Before that, the Catalan giants won 3 matches. Notably, in the last match, instead of using the familiar 4-3-3 formation, Koeman switched to a 3-5-2 formation.

salzburg 2 1 barcelona4

Song Koeman is still satisfied with the way the team plays

That may be part of the reason why Barcelona suffered defeat, but this is a way for the Dutch strategist to test new cards and tactics before entering the 2021/22 season.

Barcelona has also received good news when they are about to extend the success of superstar Lionel Messi until 2026. This is what every fan is waiting for.

Video highlight Salzburg vs Barcelona – club friendly

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