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The real reason why Barcelona had to part with Messi

At dawn on August 6 (Vietnam time), Barcelona’s homepage officially announced the farewell to Messi after the extension agreement could not be made. Thus, after 17 years of service, the Argentine striker will leave the Catalan team on a free transfer and can join any club he wants.

The fact that Barcelona “lost” Messi is really the news that shocked the world football village and is an infinite sadness for the fans of the Catalan giants because he has been the symbol of the team for more than a decade. via.

Recently, there have appeared information showing the real reason why Barcelona had to part with Messi. Specifically, as previously revealed by the Spanish press, La Liga president Javier Tebas has agreed to an agreement with the private company CVC Capital Patners to sell 10% of the shares of the league. With this deal, La Liga will receive 2.7 billion euros in cash.

ly do thuc su khi barcelona phai chia tay voi messi

Barcelona does not accept the agreement that La Liga has signed with CVC and does not want to give up its ambition to attend the Super League

Thanks to that number, the clubs will receive funds almost as “relief” during the time of Covid-19 raging. Barcelona or Real Madrid both received over 250 million euros from the above money. However, it is worth mentioning that, according to the agreement between CVC and President Tebas, the agreement of 2.7 billion euros is valid for up to 40 years. In addition, if clubs accept to sign to receive support money, they will not be allowed to participate in the Super League.

That is the cause of Barcelona’s outrage. The Catalan team believes that the fact that they receive about 270 million euros from CVC is like a preferential loan, especially for such a long time. This is unreasonable, even considered irresponsible from the aforementioned company.

Therefore, Barcelona did not agree with the decision from President Tebas as well as the La Liga organizers. They did not receive 270 million euros, causing the team’s salary fund to still swell too much. In addition, if not playing in the Super League, the Catalan giants will lose a huge amount of money that can be earned from this tournament. Therefore, this is considered the reason why Barcelona cannot renew with Messi due to not guaranteeing the current salary structure.

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That’s why they were forced to say goodbye to Messi

According to a source from reporter Marcelo Bechler of TNT Sports TV channel (Argentina), La Liga organizers have given Barcelona 2 options, namely: First, they are allowed to participate in the Super League but do not receive the package. sponsorship from CVC and lost Messi.

Second, Barcelona receives sponsorship from CVC, can keep Messi but not participate in the Super League.

And Barcelona chose the first option. That’s why then the M10 farewell message was posted on the club’s homepage.

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