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The injury situation made Mbappe burst into tears

In the final of the French National Cup 2019/20 taking place at dawn on July 25, PSG won at least 1-0 against Saint-Etienne thanks to Neymar’s only goal. However, the victory of PSG was very expensive because of the terrible injury of striker Kylian Mbappe.

Specifically, in the 31st minute of the match, Mbappe was the victim of a dangerous tackle by Loic Perrin on the Saint-Etienne side. This tackle by the opponent caused Mabppe’s right foot to bend completely inward. Witnessing this situation, the PSG players did not keep their composure and tried to lose with Perrin.

VIDEO: The injury situation made Mbappe burst into tears

Saint-Etienne’s players also rushed to Perrin’s defense, creating a chaotic situation. The referee did not hesitate to give a total of 5 yellow cards to players of both teams to defuse the situation. This referee then showed a red card to Perrin when referring to VAR technology.

It is currently unclear how serious Mbappe’s injury is, but there were tears on the player’s face as he limped off the field. Perhaps the French striker is aware this injury could keep him out of PSG’s remaining matches in the Champions League. This injury also makes Mbappe’s ability to attend the French League Cup final against Lyon open.

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PSG hold their breath waiting for Mbappe’s injury conclusion

After the match, coach Tuchel expressed his concern with his student’s injury: “I have no news about his injury at the moment. Everyone will be worried after seeing his injury picture. And of course I am just as worried as everyone else who is extremely worried about Mbappe’s injury.”

According to the results of the draw for the quarter-finals of the Champions League 2019/20, PSG will face Atalanta phenomenon on August 12. If Mbappe is absent in this important arena, it will be a huge loss for the Park of Princes team.

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