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Stunned at the amount PSG have to pay for Neymar

222 million euros is the amount of money PSG spent to take Neymar out of the Camp Nou in 2017. At that time, the rich Frenchman did not just pay Barca himself, but they transferred that huge amount of money to Neymar so that he could do it on his own. break the contract.

With that amount of money, all expect the Brazilian superstar to help the Princes’ Park team fly high in the European Cup. However, things are not so simple.

Having suffered too many injuries and many disagreements with the club has made nearly 3 seasons with PSG, Neymar has only 80 appearances. Meanwhile, since the striker arrived at the French team, they have had a total of 155 matches. In short, the most expensive contract in the world played only 51% of the total matches.

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Neymar’s days at PSG are really bad

222 million euros spent on a 6-year contract, ie 1 year Neymar costs PSG 37 million. If Neymar plays, PSG costs about 1.4 million euros per game, inferred, with 80 appearances since the beginning of the season, 111 million euros has been spent by PSG. This number is too large when the player’s contribution to the club is born in 1992.

Neymar’s number of appearances every year is getting less and less. As in the 2017/18 season, Neymar played a total of 30 matches out of 56 maximum matches. By the 2018/19 season, that number is down from the maximum 28/55 games.

By this season, “little Pele” has only played 22 times, while PSG have played 44 matches.

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Neymar does not bring value commensurate with the money PSG spend

Injuries are a big problem for Neymar. It not only made him lose the opportunity to play regularly, but also made the clubs that were so hungry for this striker like Real Madrid to rethink.

Barca is the only team that wants to bring him back. But it is not easy for this to happen. The price offered by PSG is too high, while the Covid-19 epidemic has caused a serious decline in the club’s economy. The Catalan team themselves also find other options that are better in terms of price but still have the same quality as Lautaro Martinez.

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