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Strange terms in Messi’s new contract with Barcelona

What Barcelona fans have been waiting for all this time is about to become a reality when Messi and the club’s leadership have reached agreements for the Argentine player to renew with the team.

It is expected that the official announcement will be made on August 7 at the latest. It is news that all those who love the Catalan team are very happy. Messi’s future commitment to Barcelona will help the club own a very quality attack next season with Depay, Aguero, Griezmann and even Dembele.

Notably, in the contract that Messi is about to sign with Barcelona, ​​there is a very special clause. Specifically, the Tango striker will extend with the Camp Nou team until 2026, however, he is allowed to unilaterally terminate the contract in 2023 without having to pay any compensation.

dieu khoan la o hop dong moi cua messi voi barcelona

Messi is about to extend his contract with Barcelona

That means, if Messi wants to leave in 2023, Barcelona can almost only collect the transfer money of this player, not compensation for breaking the contract. However, that is definitely something that the management as well as the fans do not want.

Moreover, this is also a very unlikely case because by 2023, Messi was also 36 years old. With the extension of 5 years, he will almost retire in the Barcelona shirt and become a great legend at this club.

dieu khoan la o hop dong moi cua messi voi barcelona 2

There is a special clause in the new agreement between the two parties

According to information from the Spanish media, Messi will reduce 50% of the salary he is receiving at the club after signing a new contract. In addition, the fact that Barcelona can extend with this striker comes from the fact that La Liga is preparing to receive a sponsorship of 2.7 billion euros.

With that amount, the Camp Nou team is expected to be granted 270 million euros, of which more than 40 million euros is the amount that allows Barcelona to expand the team’s salary fund – which has prevented them from renewing with Messi before.

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