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“Neymar is always very happy to play at PSG”

Amid reports that Neymar is trying very hard to return to Barcelona in the next transfer window, a teammate of the 27-year-old star at PSG has denied this, saying that Neymar’s life at Paris is always very peaceful.

“Neymar and Mbappe are still here, and both of them are very interested in the plans that PSG are making.”

“Before the quarantine, I had dinner with Neymar and he also said that his time in Paris was always very happy for him. We talk to each other a lot, and he remains very calm and has no intention of leaving,” said Ander Herrera, former MU midfielder.

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Herrera says Neymar is still happy at PSG

Despite claiming that there are no problems at PSG, it is undeniable that Neymar is still looking to Barcelona when this is the football team that brought him to the heights of European football.

While still at Barca, Neymar, Messi and his teammates had a very memorable 2014/2015 season with the UEFA Champions League championship and the treble that same season. Neymar in that campaign also played a key role but under the pressure of playing alongside Messi, Neymar decided to leave in 2017 for a world record price.

Neymar has also admitted to trying very hard to be able to return to Barcelona last summer, but this was not possible and the Brazilian star had to continue to stay devoted to PSG.


Neymar used to want to return to Barcelona

For a player as big as Neymar, PSG’s somewhat boring dominance is somewhat unsuitable for the 27-year-old star and he needs to get back to the top of his career.

Barcelona are also in dire need of an attacking star like Neymar to return to the club to lead the game with Messi.

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