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“My wife takes off her clothes when entering the house because of Covid-19”

All football in Europe is stagnating because of the effects of Covid-19 and France is no exception. Ligue 1 had to pause since March 13 due to the outbreak of this disease and at that time, PSG was 12 points away from the group chasing on the rankings.

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PSG has a safe distance from the chasing group

The stars of PSG these days is self-isolating with her family in France, and Angel Di Maria is one of them.

Recently, this midfielder has shared that this is a very difficult time for the clubs and even very scary for the people as well as the players living in France.

“This is one of the craziest things I’ve experienced, we’re trying not to go out too much and just stay at home as much as possible for the safety of our children.”

“I go to the supermarket because this is a must to maintain life, so do the people around me and they also know how to protect themselves from the disease.”

“My wife has only been to the supermarket once, and after coming home, before entering she takes off all her clothes and immediately takes a shower,” Di Maria revealed about her family life during this time. epidemic period.

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Di Maria said that the current time is very difficult for his family

In France, it is known that 37,500 people have been infected with Covid-19 and more than 2,000 people have died in this pandemic. The epidemic is happening so unpredictable that many activities and jobs are stopped and not only football but many economies are stagnant.

Currently, Ligue 1 is being suspended until mid-April, but if there is no progress during the fight against Covid-19, this timeline may have to be adjusted.

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