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Messi is back in the Barca squad to fight Ronaldo

According to the latest information from Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona are finalizing the final details of Messi’s new contract today 4/8 and will announce the official contract tomorrow 5/8. In the new contract, the Argentine superstar accepted a 50% salary reduction.

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Barcelona announce Messi’s official contract tomorrow 5/8

“Shortly after signing a new contract with Messi, Barca president Laporta wanted to announce it and celebrate it solemnly, given how important this information is to the club and fans around the world. the whole world,” Mundo Deportivo – a pro-Barca newspaper reported.

Thus, Messi can completely return to Barca’s squad to attend the match against Juventus at the Joan Gamper Cup friendly tournament on August 9. This is a match that attracts the attention of fans because the football world continues to have the opportunity to see Messi and Ronaldo face each other.

The last time Messi competed with Ronaldo was in the Champions League group stage in December 2020. Ronaldo scored a penalty double to help Juventus win 3-0, right at Camp Nou.

Currently, Messi is still in Ibiza enjoying family fun with two former teammates and close friends Luis Suarez and Cesc Fabregas. It is expected that right after signing a contract with Barca, Messi will return to practice with his teammates after 2 months … unemployed.

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Messi is back in the Barca squad to fight Ronaldo

Previously, Blaugrana successfully recruited Sergio Aguero, Memphis Depay, Eric Garcia in the form of CNTD and Emerson Royal for 9 million euros. However, due to the large salary fund, they are not eligible to register these people according to La Liga regulations. The president of Barca had to go to the water, calling for many of the team’s pillars to share the team’s difficulties and agree to reduce wages.

Messi’s agreement to stay at Barca is probably partly because he has just won the Copa America 2021 with Argentina. In the summer of 2020, M10 submitted a request to leave but was not approved. Fortunately, president Laporta returned in time and convinced Messi to stay.

The match between Barcelona and Juventus will take place at 2:30 pm on August 9 at the Estadi Johan Cruyff stadium.

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