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Messi could make his PSG debut in Ligue 1 this weekend

At dawn on August 11 (Vietnam time), Messi officially made his debut with a PSG shirt. At the new team, the 34-year-old striker will wear the number 30 – the number he used to wear during his first time playing for Barcelona.

Messi’s arrival at PSG is really the awaited information because despite coming to the Park of the Princes on a free transfer, the Argentine superstar is still a blockbuster contract this summer.

After joining the team, Messi’s goal will be to help the club win the first Champions League title in history. However, what fans are interested in at this time is when M30 will have a debut for a new team in the Ligue 1 playground?

messi co the ra mat psg tai ligue 1 vao cuoi tuan nay

Messi has officially joined PSG

Immediately, that question was answered. According to sources from two famous reporters in France, Abdellah Boulma and Hadrien Grenier, Messi will make his debut in a new shirt this weekend. That was when PSG faced Strasbourg in the match of the second round of Ligue 1 taking place at dawn on August 15 (Vietnam time).

Of course, Messi will most likely only come on from the bench in the aforementioned confrontation as he has not had any training since winning the Copa America with Argentina on July 11. In addition, he needs time to observe how the team plays before officially entering the field to “warm up” and perform the most beautiful football.

messi co the ra mat psg tai ligue 1 vao cuoi tuan nay 2

And he can play in Ligue 1 at dawn on August 15 (Vietnam time).

Certainly, Messi’s debut in Ligue 1 will also be a very interesting event from football fans around the world. With the presence of the Argentine superstar, PSG has the strongest attack in Europe when it includes Messi, Neymar, Mbappe, Di Maria and Icardi.

These will be the faces that make every defender afraid because of their confirmed level.

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