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Mbappe overtakes Yedder to get Ligue 1 “Top Scorer”

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ligue 1 season 2019/20 was forced to close the curtain early. However, the organizers still determine positions such as the championship belonging to PSG as well as the places to attend the European Cup or relegation.

Most recently, the leaders of Ligue 1 have also announced the identity of the player who won the “Top scorer” award this season. Accordingly, despite having the same 18 goals as his colleague Ben Yedder, Mbappe is the one. The only name that owns this title.

The reason is because, out of the total of 18 goals scored by the 21-year-old striker, he did not take any penalties. With Ben Yedder, 3/18 goals he created came from the 11m mark. In addition, one more reason for the Ligue 1 organizers to award Mbappe the title of “Top scorer”, that is, he has 18 goals in 20 matches while that number with Monaco’s striker is 26 matches.

mbappe vuot yedder de co vua pha luoi ligue 1

Despite having the same number of goals as Ben Yedder

Thus, the 21-year-old French striker has a “fire” efficiency of 0.9 goals/match, much higher than Ben Yedder’s 0.69 goals/match.

Not only the task of scoring, the ability to create that Mbappe creates is also slightly better than his colleague. Since the beginning of the season, the striker on the PSG payroll has 5 passes for his teammates to score, with Ben Yedder, he has 4 times to do it.

mbappe vuot yedder de co vua pha luoi ligue 1 1

But Mbappe is still the only person to receive the title of “Leg 1’s top scorer”

Therefore, with the above reasons, the organizers of Ligue 1 decided to give Mbappe the title of “Top scorer” in the 2019/20 season. This is the second consecutive year that this striker has the above honor. The previous season, he had 33 goals, of course, that was when Ligue 1 was fully played instead of having to cancel midway like this year.

Obviously, Mbappe’s form is still very good. In the immediate future, he and his teammates will aim to win the Champions League, where PSG has won the right to reach the quarterfinals.

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