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Mbappe has a nice action after the Ligue 1 top scorer award

Although the 2019/20 season of French football has ended early, the Ligue 1 organizers still clearly identify the champion team, the European Cup spots as well as the relegation position. In addition, individual achievements such as the title of “top scorer” were also announced.

Mbappe is the recipient of this honor. Despite having the same 18 goals as his colleague Ben Yedder (AS Monaco), the PSG striker is the only name that owns the “Golden Shoe of Ligue 1”. The reason is because, of the 18 goals he scored, Mbappe did not take any penalty kicks and Ben Yedder had 3 goals in the penalty spot.

In addition, one more reason for the Ligue 1 organizers to award Mbappe the title of “top scorer”, that is, he has 18 goals in 20 matches while that number with Monaco’s striker is 26 matches.

mbappe co hanh dong dep sau giai vua pha luoi ligue 1

Mbappe won the title of “Top scorer” despite having the same 18 goals with Ben Yedder

Although he already owns this award, Mbappe has recently performed very well and received praise from the fans. Specifically, the French striker wrote on Twitter with the desire to share the title of “scorer” with Ben Yedder and asked the organizers of Ligue 1 to follow the English Premier League.

Specifically, Mbappe wrote: “Thank you for all your congratulations and messages to me. However, I think Wissam Ben Yedder also deserves this award. I think Ligue 1 should do the same as the Premier League last season so that we share the title of top scorer.”

mbappe co hanh dong dep sau giai vua pha luoi ligue 1 1

Therefore, he offered to share this title with the AS Monaco striker

In the 2018/19 season in the English Premier League, both Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang have 22 goals. Therefore, instead of giving it to a single player, the tournament organizers let all three stars above share the title of “scorer”.

This approach received great support and response from the fans. Anyway, Mbappe’s recent action also helped him once more “scored” in the eyes of the fans.

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