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Lukaku, Hazard injured, Chelsea and Real worried

Both Lukaku and Hazard were present in Belgium’s Nations League semi-final against France on October 8. Lukaku also scored a goal for Belgium, unfortunately he and his teammates lost 2-3 and lost the ticket to the final.

In the third place match against the Italian team at 20:00 today, Lukaku and Hazard will both be absent due to muscle fatigue after the match against France. Coach Martinez said: “They are not in the best physical condition to play. They’re leaving the national team’s training camp because of this, I don’t know how long it will take for them to recover.”

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Lukaku and Hazard have fitness problems

However, Lukaku will not return to Chelsea immediately, instead he will return to Belgium to seek treatment for the affected muscle. “It’s fatigue. He doesn’t feel 100% ready to play tomorrow. It’s aching in his muscle tissue,” added Martinez when asked about Lukaku.

“Every decision is made in consultation with both medical departments (national team and club) for the benefit of the player. These two departments listen to each other and we want to do the best for the player. All decisions are also made with the consensus from the host club.”

Lukaku and Hazard are playing quite well at Chelsea and Real Madrid since the beginning of this season. The fact that these two players have physical problems will make their host team extremely worried.

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The absence of Lukaku will cause problems for Chelsea’s attack

In addition to Hazard and Lukaku who are certainly absent from the match against Italy, a number of Belgian players have expressed displeasure at the significance of this match.

“The game against Italy coming up is pointless,” Hazard’s goalkeeper and team-mate Thibaut Courtois told reporters after Belgium’s defeat to France. Coming in third in the Nations League is meaningless. I don’t know why we have to play that game. I will treat it as a friendly match.”

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