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Ligue 1 was canceled, the C1 Cup was also significantly affected

UEFA is facing a series of troubles after this season’s Ligue 1 was canceled and all sporting events in France were banned until at least September.

With PSG and Lyon still competing in the Champions League and UEFA already planning to complete the tournament by the end of August, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe’s decision will mean that both clubs will not be able to play any matches. at home in the near future.

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The cancellation of Ligue 1 caused UEFA a “headache”

PSG have reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League after defeating Borussia Dortmund in the round of 16, while Lyon still has the second leg of the round of 16 against Juventus and is the team that holds the advantage after the first leg.

UEFA has let the Champions League return as late as possible, aiming to give Europe’s top leagues a chance to finish their domestic competition.

Ligue 1 was scheduled to return on June 17, but the league has just received notice that the season will end immediately. PSG is holding a huge advantage in the championship race.

The move to ban all matches, even in the absence of spectators, means PSG and Lyon will not be able to play any other European matches at home this season. A neutral venue will likely be used with the second leg of PSG’s quarter-finals, allowing the tournament to go as planned when it returns.

The ban on sporting activities in France until September will leave PSG facing a Champions League quarter-final without having played an official match for months before that.

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PSG will have great difficulty in the quarter-finals of the Champions League

Lyon’s last match was a 0-1 away defeat in Ligue 1 on March 8. In the C1 Cup, Lyon won Juventus 1-0 at home in the first leg of the round of 16 on February 26. It is not yet known when Lyon’s second leg against Juventus will be played.

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