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Ligue 1 season 2019/20 canceled because of Covid-19

Like many other national championships in Europe, Ligue 1 has not played since March 8 to avoid the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic. Although there is a lot of information that the top tournament of French football is about to return, but according to the recent confirmation from the Prime Minister of this country, Edouard Philippe, sports fans in the hexagonal country will be sad.

Specifically, according to confirmation from the French Prime Minister, sports events here will not be able to take place, despite the organization without spectators until at least the beginning of September. Therefore, the 2019/20 season of Ligue 1 as well as Ligue 2 will have to be canceled.

Normally, the new football season of French football usually starts around mid-August, however, due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, the organizers are ready to start the 2020/21 season late. However, with the recent confirmation of Prime Minister Philippe, the leaders of hexagonal football have abandoned that thought.

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French Prime Minister confirmed that sporting events will be postponed until at least September

Currently, Ligue 1 is paused at round 28 and still has 10 more rounds to finish. Not to mention, the European football federation (UEFA) has set a deadline for all tournaments in the old continent to end before August 2 at the latest. Therefore, with what is happening, the cancellation of football tournaments in France is completely possible.

It is known that the leaders of Ligue 1 together with representatives of the teams in the tournament will have an online meeting next month to decide on the championship, the European Cup as well as the relegation and promotion of the clubs in the tournament. In case the season ends early.

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Therefore, Ligue 1 season 2019/20 will have to be canceled

Currently, before Ligue 1 is suspended because of Covid-19. PSG is leading with 12 points more than the chasing team. However, the last tournament to cancel the season was that the Netherlands did not have a championship team and no club had to be relegated.

Therefore, many fans of the Paris capital team are worried that a similar scenario will take place in France, or specifically, Ligue 1.

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