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Ligue 1 doctor commits suicide because he is positive for Covid-19

In France as of the morning of April 6, 8,078 deaths from Covid-19 have been recorded. The majority of deaths are recorded in nursing homes and hospitals. On April 5, France added 748 new cases of corona virus infection. France’s total number of virus infections is 92,839 cases.

But the case of a doctor working at Ligue 1 Being on the staff of Reims Club who is positive for Covid-19 is very special. Specifically, the club doctor, Bernard Gonzalez, 60, took his own life at home shortly after discovering that he and his wife were positive for Covid-19.

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Ligue 1 doctor commits suicide because he is positive for Covid-19

Before leaving, this doctor also left a suicide note to explain his actions. Accordingly, he was pessimistic about life and wanted to end his life before surrendering to the epidemic.

This information was confirmed by Stade Reims club and mayor Arnaud Robinet not long ago.

“He is a club doctor. A great professional, appreciated by everyone for his expertise. He is a victim of Covid-19. I know he left a note explaining his actions. But I ignore its content,” Arnaud Robinet said of the 60-year-old doctor’s death.

Bernard Gonzalez spent 20 years with Stade Reims and received a lot of love from the club and the players. His passing took many people by surprise.

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Gonzalez has 20 years with Reims

“I am stunned by this news. The pandemic has affected the club and a doctor has left us. His mission to the club for more than 20 years has been carried out with professionalism, passion and dedication in his work,” said Jean-Pierre Caillot, president of Reims, mourning the passing of Gonzalez.

In fact, people who are positive for Covid-19 can be completely cured if detected, isolated and treated in time. For someone as experienced in the medical field as Gonzalez must know this. However, the reason for his pessimism is still a question many people ask.

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