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How will Real Madrid line up with Kilyan Mbappe?

Recently, Real Madrid, PSG and European media fans were startled by information related to Kilyan Mbappe. Specifically, a series of reputable sources, including the Daily Mail and journalist Fabrizio Romano, have confirmed that Real Madrid has sent a bid of 143 million pounds to Paris for the French striker.

The 22-year-old has also turned down every extension offer made by the PSG board, regardless of whether he doubles his salary or offers heavenly compensation. It seems that all of Mbappe’s eyes are on Madrid and the Park of the Princes team probably understands that.

Therefore, it is very likely that the rich guy in Paris will be forced to sit at the negotiating table with Real to negotiate to sell his number 7. This is almost the best option at the moment instead of trying to keep Mbappe and then losing everything next summer.

On Mbappe’s side, Real Madrid has always been the wish and dream of this player. Going to the Bernabeu, he will step by step put on the status of a king, where he does not have to share power or influence like at the current PSG.

Since Lionel Messi officially landed and created a huge influence in the magnificent French capital, Mbappe has implicitly understood that he will only be the 3rd, even the 4th among PSG’s veddets, after Messi, Neymar and even Sergio Ramos.


Mbappe will become a Real Madrid player this summer?

But at Real, it’s different, the French player with his class has been confirmed, plus the blunt staff in the attack (except for Benzema), he will again be the king to be served and pampered. But coming to the Bernabeu, where will Mbappe play in the scheme of coach Carlo Ancelotti and how will this player’s play help Real?

Certainly with the arrival of the striker born in 1998, coach Ancelotti will partly solve the persistent headache about the position of the winger in the 4-3-3 diagram. Currently, Real owns a dozen strikers in this position, but to say that one of those names is enough, it is probably not.

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Eden Hazard is hypersensitive to injuries and his form has also dropped dramatically since moving from Chelsea. Vinicius Junior, Marco Asensio although very young and very talented, but not strong enough to carry this position. And Gareth Bale is no longer so devoted to Real and his performance has long declined.

So when Mbappe arrives, at least one wing of Real will have a solution and of course Los Blancos’ attack damage will be increased by one level. The other wing, the Hazards, Bale or Asensio, Vinicius will be alternately used depending on the performance and attack intention of the Italian captain.

Mbappe on the right in a 4-3-3 . formation

This is Mbappe’s usual position at PSG, which allows him to use his incredible speed and superior dribbling ability. Moreover, Mbappe’s finishing and drilling skills in the flanks and middle are also extremely good, a choice that best suits the strengths of this 1998-born star.

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A very desirable appearance in Real’s right wing corridor

Mbappe’s appearance in this position will create a regular connection with the tallest player, Benzema, who is close and well-matched on the French team with Mbappe at the last EURO.

Mbappe left wing in a 4-3-3 . formation

A position will also be Mbappe’s strong point if he arrives at the Bernabeu. With the right striker in the attacking trio, the French striker can use his speed and impressive skill set to make plays on the left wing and is ready to turn into the middle to finish with his right foot. In fact, this is not a strange position for Mbappe when he used to play very successfully at PSG, where he and Neymar will flexibly swap positions.

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The French player can play flexibly both on the left wing

In this case, it is very likely that Ancelotti will reappear in the BBC trio that once swept Europe with Mbappe replacing Ronaldo at the C-shaped trident. At that time, Benzema was still the highest player, and Bale returned to the right striker position. The Welshman can continue to showcase his ability to dribble and cut into the middle to finish with his left foot as he has done very successfully before.

Play with Benzema in a 4-4-2 . formation

In addition to the two positions of the winger, coach Ancelotti can also pull Mbappe up to play as a striker next to Benzema. With this scheme, the French player can flexibly swap positions with the elder Benzema in connecting and scoring. At that time, the number 10 playing behind the French couple’s back will be Eden Hazard, a player who was also used to this position when he was still at Chelsea. Hazard’s ability to dribble and play freely will certainly be very useful for the attacking striker duo, especially Mbappe.


Will this image be reproduced at the Bernabeu?

Up to now, news related to Mbappe is still receiving the close attention of European public opinion and media. But with the moves of both sides, Mbappe’s date of joining the Bernabeu is probably not far away.

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