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Haaland received praise from Lewandowski before the war

Since joining Dortmund in this winter transfer window, Haaland adapted very quickly to the new football environment. After 8 appearances in the Bundesliga, the Norwegian striker has 9 goals and 1 assist.

Haaland’s impressive form is the reason why Dortmund is chasing Bayern in the race to the championship. Certainly, the 19-year-old striker will still be a golden hope for the home team in the reception of the Bavarian Gray Lobster on the night of May 26.

On the eve of the aforementioned great battle, Haaland suddenly received praise from the man who is leading the top scorer list and also his opponent in the match in the 28th round of the Bundesliga. Accordingly, when asked about the player on the Dortmund payroll, Lewandowski was full of praise when he affirmed:

haaland nhan loi khen tu lewandowski truoc dai chien

Haaland suddenly received compliments from Lewandowski before the great war

“He is a great striker. He has a keen sense of goal, moves quickly and is also very good in the air. It would be good for Haaland if he stays in the Bundesliga for longer. He has the potential to become a football superstar in the future.

I don’t want to pressure Haaland with my statements. But obviously, we can see his great form. Just work hard and maintain that, Haaland will reach the highest level.”

Obviously, with those sharing from Lewandowski, Haaland will be greatly motivated before the big battle with Bayern. With Jadon Sancho leaving the possibility open and Marco Reus certainly absent, the 19-year-old striker will be the home team’s top hope.

haaland nhan loi khen tu lewandowski truoc dai chien 1

Haaland is the hope of the home team

Currently, Dortmund is 4 points behind Bayern in the rankings, so the competition in the 28th round is seen as an opportunity for the Ruhr team to repay the debt borrowed in the first leg and put pressure on the current team. champion needle.

Certainly, the gunfight between Haaland and Lewandowski will be remarkable. One of these two factors is capable of deciding the great battle at Signal Iduna Park.

Gia Huy

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