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Former MU star contracted a strange disease during the Covid-19 epidemic

The isolation at home and the lack of social interaction as well as training sessions will make the players not only lose their fullness and feeling of the ball, but also psychological problems. go with.

Di Maria – former midfielder of MU is also such a player, the current French star is facing concerns from the medical team when he is having sleep problems.

The PSG midfielder is known to have difficulty in getting a normal circulation in his sleep and this not only affects his fitness but also causes restlessness and anxiety, even sometimes the player Argentina also feels depressed.

di maria

Di Maria sometimes falls into a state of depression due to lack of sleep

The Argentine midfielder’s wife is also known to be very concerned about her husband’s situation and even tells those around her that Di Maria is at times like a “zombie”.

Part of the reason why this happened to Di Maria was found to be the concern that football matches had to be stopped recently, causing the players to miss training sessions and thrilling matches with colleagues. .

These symptoms need to be treated immediately, before the games return to normal in the next few months, if it is not possible to have a good mentality and physical condition, surely the players That player will be removed from the squad.

di maria 1

Di Maria needs to get back to her best condition before the tournament resumes

This year’s French league season has officially ended with the championship for PSG and it will not be until September that matches can be resumed when the Covid-19 epidemic situation is controlled in time and has been cleared. partly repulsed.

In this country, currently the number of infected people has reached 152,000 cases and also more than 28,000 people have died.

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