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Dortmund – Bayern before the super classic in the Bundesliga

German football super classic or “Der Klassiker” is the name that people often use to talk about the competition between Dortmund vs Bayern. More than 3 points, this is a match of self-esteem, the desire to win to prove ability and ambition.

Both Dortmund and Bayern had perfect momentum before the big battle on the night of May 26. But first, let’s make a comprehensive assessment of the outstanding factors as well as the offensive / defensive ability of these two teams.

Key striker

Dortmund: 8.5/10

Not surprisingly, Dortmund’s most important cannon is Erling Haaland. Although he only joined the club in the winter transfer window this year, the performance that the Norwegian striker showed was extremely impressive. 9 goals, 1 assist after 8 appearances in the Bundesliga – that is a very convincing number for a player who is only 19 years old.

Entering the first Bundesliga super classic match in his career, Haaland will surely be under a lot of pressure because of the expectations from the fans. But that may be the motivation for this striker to continue to show his terrifying goal-scoring ability.

dortmund bayern truoc sieu kinh dien o bundesliga 1

Haaland is the hope of the home team’s attack

The success or failure with Dortmund in the next match depends a lot on the Norwegian star and now is the time for Haaland to prove that he can not only shine in small competitions.

Bayern: 9/10

Compared to Dortmund, Bayern owns a much better quality and experience cannon, that is Robert Lewandowski. He is currently the top scorer not only in the Bundesliga but also in the Champions League as well as the German Cup. That’s enough to say the level of this striker.

In the last 5 seasons, the Polish striker has scored over 40 goals in all competitions and that is clearly a great achievement. It is estimated that every 72.7 minutes, Lewandowski scores a goal, so this is definitely an important factor for Bayern in the next great war.

dortmund bayern truoc sieu kinh dien o bundesliga 2

While Lewandowski is the top killer in the Bundesliga this season

Lewandowski will return to the old home of Signal Iduna Park in the hope of sowing grief for the old team and at the same time with the current club to continue to maintain dominance in the Bundesliga.

Mutant factors

Dortmund: 8.5/10

Besides Haaland, Dortmund still has many factors capable of creating mutations, which are Jadon Sancho and Thorgan Hazard. It is the mobility from this duo that gives the Norwegian striker many opportunities to score.

Coach Favre still left open Sancho’s ability to play, but in fact it may just be a “blind” blow from this strategist. Surely, with the speed and dexterity of the English player plus the skillful play from Thorgan Hazard, Dortmund’s young attack will make Bayern face many difficulties on the night of May 26.

dortmund bayern truoc sieu kinh dien o bundesliga 3

Sancho and Hazard promise to make a difference

Not to mention, Dortmund also owns Julian Brandt – who is also very dangerous when given the opportunity. With the role of a public defender, the German midfielder is capable of sowing grief for the opponent with his long-distance finishing situations.

Bayern: 8/10

On the opposite side, Bayern owns the “king of assists” in the Bundesliga, Thomas Muller with 17 goals. However, apart from the 30-year-old player, in terms of creativity, the Kimmich or Goretzka cannot be compared with Sancho or Hazard.

dortmund bayern truoc sieu kinh dien o bundesliga 4

While Muller and Gnabry are also a duo that cannot be underestimated

Bayern lost Thiago in the next big battle and now Gnabry’s chance to attend the match is still open. Therefore, in terms of mobility in midfield, the Gray Lobster is a bit worse than Dortmund.

Defensive line

Dortmund: 9/10

With a 3-4-3 strategy, Dortmund’s defense plays extremely mobile. In the center is an extremely experienced Mats Hummels while on the flanks are talented young players like Raphael Guerreiro or Archaf Hakimi.

Hummels’ composure is proven but all are really impressed with the full-back duo Dortmund have. Guerreiro has 8 goals and 3 assists while this number with Hakimi is 4 goals and 10 passes for teammates to score.

dortmund bayern truoc sieu kinh dien o bundesliga 5

Dortmund have an excellent pair of full-backs

Playing in the position of defenders, obviously, the achievement that the Dortmund duo can do is very impressive. They are even one of the best full-backs in Europe at the moment. On attack, on defense rhythmically, surely, Guerreiro or Hakimi will constantly torment the opposite players on the Bayern side tonight (May 26).

Bayern: 9/10

On the opposite side, Bayern also owns a very solid defense. With Jerome Boateng and Alba in central positions, Neuer’s goal is always safe. In addition, like the great rival, the Gray Lobster also owns a pair of talented full-backs.

Pavard on the right or Alphonso Davies on the opposite side – Coach Hansi Flick also has young faces full of speed and enthusiasm. If the French defender has 3 goals and 5 assists, that number of Davies is 2 goals with 7 assists.

dortmund bayern truoc sieu kinh dien o bundesliga 6

Bayern also has a very energetic and young Davies

In the Bundesliga, Bayern are the team to concede the least, so that’s enough to say for sure in defense. As for the support on the offensive front, the Pavards or Davies showed that they were no less than Guerreiro as well as Hakimi.

Gia Huy

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