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Direct link Cologne vs Duesseldorf 23h00 on 24/5

Link to watch live match Cologne vs Duesseldorf at 23:00 on May 24 in round 27 of Bundesliga season 2019/20. Click on the link below to watch the match.

The correlation of forces before the match Cologne vs Duesseldorf

This season’s Bundesliga is coming to an end and many teams can rest assured when their position on the table is quite certain, including Cologne. After 2/3 of the way, Cologne is getting a safe position in the middle of the table, 10 points more than the 16th place (must play the playoff match).

Looking up, this team is not strong enough to squeeze into the Top 6 to attend the European Cup. Perhaps that is the situation that makes Cologne somewhat lacking in motivation in recent rounds. Last round, they had to split points with the underrated Mainz. It can be said that Cologne “gives” Mainz points when their opponents need more relegation points.


Today, the question is before Duesseldorf, a team that is more dangerous than Mainz, will Cologne continue to give points. Although playing at home, but with a rather relaxed mindset, Cologne is likely to not play to the best of its ability. It should be remembered that Dusseldorf is ranked 16th in the table, the position will have to play play-off with the second-place team to avoid relegation.

In contrast, Dusseldorf is showing a very high fighting spirit in search of life. This club has not lost for 4 consecutive rounds and away from home, Fortuna Dusseldorf also won the last 3 Asian matches. Duesseldorf is determined to collect the few points to climb to take Mainz’s position. So it will not be surprising if today, they continue to win Cologne’s points.

In the first leg, Fortuna Dusseldorf won Cologne 2-0 and the last time they marched to Cologne’s field, they also had an exit point. Today Duesseldorf continues to miss Steffen due to injury, while Ayhan cannot play because of a penalty card. But these are not very important positions and it does not affect the strength of Duesseldorf much.

Predicted line-ups for the match Cologne vs. Duesseldorf

+ Cologne: Timo Horn, Kingsley Ehizibue, Jorge Mere, Toni Leistner, Benno Schmitz, Ellyes Skhiri, Jonas Hector, Florian Kainz, Mark Uth, Ismail Jakobs, Jhon Cordoba.

+ Dusseldorf: Florian Kastenmeier, Niko Gieselmann, Andre Hoffmann, Risse, Matthias Zimmermann, Markus Suttner, Marcel Sobottka, Kevin Stoger, Valon Berisha, Erik Thommy, Kenan Karaman.

Link to watch live Cologne vs Duesseldorf 23:00 on 24/5

The Cologne vs Duesseldorf match takes place at 23:00 on May 24 and will be live on FOX Sports channel. However, in order to serve readers to watch the match online, bongda365 would like to introduce the links that will stream this match for free.

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