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Der Klassiker and the numbers

The return of the Bundesliga after the epidemic is also when both Bayern Munich and Dortmund find the familiar feeling of victory. While the Golden – Black team with a young star cast under the direction of coach Lucien Favre exploded like themselves from the beginning of the season, the German Gray Lobster has a lot of oldness in the game.

As usual, the confrontation between these two teams always receives special attention from fans around the world. And tonight (May 26), the whole world will be watching this match because in the complicated situation of the epidemic in Europe, a classic civil war between the top German teams in the World Cup will be held. football thirst after a long break.

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Dortmund host Bayern Munich at Signal Iduna Park

The match is even hotter when the outcome of this match is decisive to the championship. With a gap of 4 points, Dortmund is determined to win to shorten the distance for the race to the Silver Disc. Meanwhile, Bayern also want to win to widen the gap to 7 points, improving the chances of winning the title. So, the confrontation between Bayern Munich and Dortmund is not only the biggest derby in Germany, it is also the Bundesliga final of the 2019/20 season.

To make the atmosphere even hotter before the big war, let’s take a look at a few numbers to see how exciting Germany’s biggest derby can be.

No. 2

2 is the maximum number of goals a player can score in the history of Der Klassiker matches. No player from either team has yet to score three goals in a German derby between Bayern Munich and Dortmund. Players currently scoring a maximum of 2 goals include: Marcio Amoroso and Erdal Keser for Dortmund, Alexander Zickler, Giovane Elber, Thomas Muller, Dieter Hoeness and Claudio Pizarro for Bayern.

2 is the number of own goals in the history of Der Klassiker matches. These two goals belong to Markus Munch of Bayer Munich (Dortmund won 3-0 in the 1990/1991 season) and Mats Hummels of Dortmund (Bayern Munich won 4-0 in the 2019/20 season).


3 is the maximum number of consecutive losses for a coach in the German Super Classics. Historically, this has only happened to Dortmund’s Jurgen Klopp and Hermann Lindemann.


5 is the number of consecutive wins of Bayern Munich against Dortmund. This is the longest winning streak in the history of this charming confrontation. Dortmund won only four games in a row between 2010 and 2012.

No. 6

Six super classic matches in a row, only Robert Lewandowski is the only player to have scored at least one goal in each game.

dortmund vs bayern munich der klassiker va cac con so3

Lewandowski scored in 6 consecutive Der Klassiker matches

Number 9

Thomas Muller has won 9 in the super classic, more than any player in the current squad, ahead of Dortmund’s Lukasz Piszczek with 6 wins.

Number 11

11 is the number of penalties both teams have received in the history of classic matches. Bayern Munich are the better team to convert to goals with 8 successful attempts while Dortmund have 7 successes.


12 is the most goals scored in a classic German match. It was a game in 1971 when Bayern Munich crushed Dortmund with a score of 11-1, with a poker shot belonging to the legendary Gerd Muller.

12 is also the classic number of consecutive matches where Bayern Munich scored at least one goal (between April 1997 and November 2002). Meanwhile, Dortmund only scored at least 10 consecutive matches with at least one goal (from August 2008 to May 2013).

dortmund vs bayern munich der klassiker va cac con so1

The most awaited confrontation of the 28th round of the Bundesliga

No. 16

16 is the most goals scored by a Bayern Munich player against Dortmund by Robert Lewandowski. The second on this list is the legendary Gerd Muller (14). In total, the Polish striker scored 17 goals in the German super classic matches, including 1 goal he scored when he was still with Dortmund.

Number 21

21 is the most appearances a player has played in Der Klassiker matches in the current squad. This number belongs to Mats Hummels – a player who has 15 appearances for Dortmund and 6 times for Bayern Munich.

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