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Comments Frankfurt vs Freiburg on May 27 Bundesliga

Review Frankfurt vs Freiburg

The match Frankfurt vs Freiburg in round 28 of the Bundesliga season 2019/20 will take place at 01:30 on May 27, Vietnam time. Can Frankfurt end the bad game?

Predict the match Frankfurt vs Freiburg

Frankfurt is often ranked first when facing Freiburg, especially today they are playing at home. However, the last two visits to Freiburg, Frankfurt both brought disappointment when 1 draw and 1 loss. That is why Frankfurt is determined to win 3 points in this match to forget the pain of being beaten 2-5 by Bayern in the last match.

But it was on the away field, and when it came to being the host, Frankfurt played very sublimely. Indeed, this season, Frankfurt always makes good use of the home field advantage when in the previous 10 matches, they won 8. The home field is the fulcrum for this team to firmly defend the opportunity to attend the European Cup next season. .


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Recent performance of Frankfurt and Freiburg

Freiburg is a small team, but they are still maintaining the discomfort when unbeaten in the last 4 consecutive matches. Thanks to that, they are getting closer to the Europa League group. Freiburg is only 2 points away from the Top 6. If they win and Wolfsburg lose to Leverkusen, Freiburg will enter the group for next season’s Europa League.

In contrast, Frankfurt is at a higher level, but they have lost in the last 4 matches in a row. Including 3 in the Bundesliga and 1 in the Europa League. Frankfurt lost to Basel and was considered eliminated from the 1/8 round when it was difficult for them to turn the tide in the second leg. In the meantime, what Frankfurt needs to do is try to regain their form in the Bundesliga because the last series of defeats has made them fall close to the dangerous group. Frankfurt is only 4 points more than the position to play in the relegation play-off.

The head-to-head record in the last 6 matches between the two teams is bringing balance when both Eintracht Frankfurt and Freiburg won 2 wins and 2 draws. However, the biggest advantage at the moment of Eintracht Frankfurt is the home field. With the determination to end the circuit of 4 defeats, it can be believed that Frankfurt will attack in total to crush Freiburg today.

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