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Comments Bremen vs M’gladbach on May 27 Bundesliga

Verdict Werder Bremen vs M’gladbach

The match Werder Bremen vs M’gladbach in the 28th round of the Bundesliga season 2019/20 will take place at 01:30 on May 27, Vietnam time. Bremen will have the opportunity to continue to escape from the danger zone.

Werder Bremen vs M’gladbach match commentary

As expected, in the final position, Werder Bremen had an important victory over Freiburg in the last round. With two competitors, Duessedorf and Mainz, both failed to win, Werder Bremen somewhat managed to hold on to the situation by shortening the gap with the play-off position to 3 points.

Pillars like Nuri Sahin, Rashica or Toprak will have to become the fulcrum for the team in this decisive moment. Today, Werder Bremen’s opponent will not be easy to play. It is a M’gladbach who is determined to win tickets to the Champions League.

This team is ranked 5th with only 1 point behind the Top 4 and 2 points behind the Top 3. Therefore, the opportunity for M’gladbach to go to the Champions League next season is still intact.

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Werder Bremen and M’gladbach’s recent form

There was a slight slowdown when M’gladbach had just lost to the invincible team Leverkusen in the last round. It was a 6-point match because M’gladbach competed directly with Leverkusen. But M’gladbach lost the advantage when in the 7th minute the away team Leverkusen had the lead.

It was not until the 52nd minute that Thuram helped M’gladbach return to the balance. However, on the day when the home team’s defense was unstable, M’gladbach conceded 2 more times to receive a final 1-3 defeat. It was M’gladbach’s 2nd loss in the last 5 rounds, which knocked them out of the Top 4.

However, away from home, M’gladbach is still very brave, proving that they have won the last 3 matches. That is a warning for Bremen, the team has lost the last 3 home matches. In fact, every time he meets M’gladbach, Bremen is very afraid, but specifically, during the past 5 years, Bremen has never defeated M’gladbach in all arenas.

M’gladbach won 6 and drew 3 in the past 9 matches with Bremen. Indeed, M’gladbach is becoming Bremen’s “boom”, threatening the risk of winning the musician’s score today.

Because anyway, M’gladbach is very determined to win 3 points to return to the top 4, and at the same time find the feeling of victory after being cut off by Leverkusen in the last match.

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