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Bet on the house Regensburg vs Nurnberg on May 26

Regensburg vs Nurnberg

On the Bundesliga table for 2 seasons this year, Regensburg is in a relatively safe position with 34 points after 27 matches, ranked 10th and 6 points above the “red light” area. Meanwhile, Nurnberg is currently 15th out of 18 teams with 30 points and only two points away from the play-off position.

From the 2004/05 season until now, Regensburg met Nurnberg 3 matches and absolutely did not know the victory. They drew Nurnberg twice as a guest but lost in the home game. The above achievement makes Regensburg fans worried about the home team’s performance when the two sides rematch in the 28th round of the Bundesliga 2 tonight.

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Asian Handicap Regensburg vs Nurnberg: Choose Nurnberg

In addition to the defeat in confrontation, Regensburg is also at a disadvantage due to its poor performance in recent times. Calculated in the last 5 outings, all in Bundesliga 2, this team can only draw (2) or lose (3). When playing at home alone, Regensburg only won 1, the rest drew 1, lost 2 even though there were 3 matches on the top.

Looking at Nurnberg, coach Keller’s army has a pretty bright face when playing away and promises to have points against Regensburg. In the last 4 tours, Nurnberg won 2 against Osnabruck and Karlsruher, drew Heidenheim and only had to lose to St. Pauli due to one person being fired.

Regensburg vs Nurnberg shows that the Asian bookie offers a 0:0 ratio for the match of Regensburg vs Nurnberg. Considering the form and head-to-head record, Nurnberg deserves to be the best choice for investors, especially when the profit conversion scale at the door is much lower than that of the host (0.85 compared to -0.93).

Over and under Regensburg vs Nurnberg: Choose Over

The ratio of football over and under in the match Regensburg vs Nurnberg is 2 1/2. According to experts German football betting shows that talent is easy to “explode. That’s why Nurnberg has the ability to score away from home (20/35 goals from the beginning of the Bundesliga 2 season taking place away from home) and this strength is easy to promote against a Regensburg is conceding. 2 consecutive home matches (4 goals).

Expected lineups Regensburg vs Nurnberg

Regensburg: Gruttner, Makridis, Wekesser, Stolze, Gimber, Besuschkow, Okoroji, Knipping, Correia, Hein, Meyer.

Nurnberg: Zrelak, Hack, Behrens, Dovedan, Geis, Muhl, Sorg, Nürnberger, Handwerker, Mavropanos, Dornebusch.

Predict the score Regensburg vs Nurnberg 1-2

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