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Bet on the house Bremen vs M’gladbach on May 27

Bremen vs M’gladbach

Bremen has just had a hard time winning 1-0 in the trip to Freiburg’s field. However, this result does not say anything. This is only the first time they have won 3 points in the last 7 matches. Previously, this team lost 5 and drew 1.

Since the beginning of the season, Bremen has only had 1 time to extend the winning streak to 2. Remember in February, they suddenly defeated Dortmund in the National Cup. However, then came the bad streak mentioned above.

On the other side of the front line, M’gladbach had just received a 1-3 defeat against Leverkusen. However, losing to a formidable opponent is not a big deal. What they need to do now is to shock their spirits right away to continue the top 4 competition.

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Review of the house Bremen vs M’gladbach on May 27 bundesliga

Bremen vs M’gladbach shows that M’gladbach’s performance is much better than the host’s. In the last 9 matches, they are unbeaten in 7 matches. In addition to Leverkusen, the other name that can defeat this team is Dortmund.

Asian betting Bremen vs M’gladbach: choose M’gladbach

In the past few years, Bremen has ceased to be a worthy opponent of M’gladbach. In the last 8 confrontations between the two teams, M’gladbach is unbeaten and won 7 victories. The level of the two sides is too different.

Of the 7 victories mentioned above, there are 6 M’gladbach matches that have created a difference of more than 1 goal. Therefore, the handicap they are receiving today is even quite light. According to experts German football bettingThis will be a big win for the away team.

Bremen vs M’gladbach: choose Over

Defense is not M’gladbach’s strong point. In the group of 6 leading teams in the rankings, they are the name that has suffered the most goals. In the last 10 matches in the Bundesliga, this team did not keep a clean sheet.

Freiburg led the star also just won. Plus the home ground fulcrum, they will have more confidence. In the last 4 encounters with M’gladbach, this group has scored. Also in these 4 matches, the Tai bet exploded 3 times. With today’s house odds, choosing Tai is a reasonable option.

Expected lineups Bremen vs M’gladbach

soi keo nha cai bremen vs m rsquo gladbach ngay 27 5 bundesliga

Predict the score Bremen vs M’gladbach: 1-3

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