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Bayern coach praises Haaland before Dortmund war

Since arriving at Dortmund in the winter transfer window of 2020, Haaland performed very convincingly. After 8 matches in the Bundesliga, the 19-year-old striker has 9 goals and 1 assist. It is clearly a good achievement for a new player with “wet feet, dry feet” joining a new football environment.

In the 28th round of the Bundesliga, Dortmund will have a great battle with Bayern at home. This is definitely a challenge but also an opportunity for Haaland to shine and assert herself. With Reus injured and unable to attend this match while Sancho’s ability to play is still open, Haaland is definitely the top hope for the home team.

On the eve of the aforementioned great battle, Bayern coach Flick had his share of the Norwegian striker when he was compared with Robert Lewandowski – who is leading the scorer list. Specifically, talking about the duo, Flick said:

hlv bayern ca ngoi haaland truoc dai chien dortmund 1

Coach Flick affirmed that Lewandowski is on a “different level” than Haaland

“There is no comparison between Haaland and Lewandowski because, Robert has been one of the top strikers in world football for the past few years while Haaland is just a young player with potential.

Even so, Haaland is also a great striker. At his age, not everyone can create such an impressive scoring record. He may be tall but still very agile. Surely, we will have to pay special attention to him in the upcoming competition.”

Speaking more about the great battle on the night of May 26, coach Flick emphasized: “This is the biggest match in Germany, so the pressure is always great. However, the atmosphere before and during this match will inspire you to strive towards the highest goal.

hlv bayern ca ngoi haaland truoc dai chien dortmund

But still full of praise for Dortmund’s players

Dortmund are in very good form recently, but in the first leg we beat them. Therefore, Bayern is also confident to do the same in the upcoming match. We have to make good use of every opportunity to materialize the goal.”

Currently, on the Bundesliga rankings, Bayern are 4 points ahead of Dortmund. This competition will take place at 23:30 on May 26 (Vietnam time).

Gia Huy

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