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Barcelona closes salary reduction date, settles Messi

According to regulations from the La Liga organizers, Barcelona’s ceiling salary fund in the 2021/22 season will be 200 million euros. Therefore, even if Messi agrees to reduce 50% of income at the club, the Catalan team still needs to reduce more than 100 million euros more to meet the demand from the tournament.

If they can’t do that, they will not be able to sign up to play for the 4 rookies who arrived at the club in the summer transfer window, Aguero, Depay, Eric Garcia and Emerson.

This is what is really causing the Barcelona leadership to feel a headache while the fans are anxious. The latest, according to a source from TV3 – a radio and television station based in Catalunya, the Camp Nou team has fixed a salary reduction date to solve problems related to the future of Messi as well as 4 rookies. ball.

barcelona chot ngay giam luong giai quyet v messi 2

Barcelona is confident that they can reach an agreement to cut the salaries of these 4 players by 40% on August 13

Specifically, Barcelona will finish cutting its very redundant salary fund on August 13 – 1 day before La Liga 2021/22 kicks off. The club’s leadership is confident that they will reach an agreement to cut income by about 40% with members of the staff and the club’s pillars such as Sergio Busquets, Gerard Pique, Sergi Roberto and Jordi Alba.

Plus with Messi agreeing to reduce 50% of income, Barcelona will be eligible to renew with M10 and register to play for the Argentine striker as well as 4 rookies in La Liga 2021/22. If by August 13, everything is not resolved, the Catalan team will not have the above 5 players in the match in the first round of La Liga against Sociedad on August 16.

barcelona chot ngay giam luong giai quyet v messi

Messi accepted a 50% salary reduction to renew and help the club register to play for 5 players next season

Obviously, asking for a salary reduction is an urgent issue for Barcelona at the moment. Anyway, with the confidence from the Catalan team’s leadership when it comes to setting the salary deadline, club fans can also hope that Barcelona will be able to register to play for Messi and 4 rookies before the season. new prize.

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