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Barca and La Liga must keep Messi at all costs

The most important issue for Barcelona at the moment is to announce a new deal with Lionel Messi, when the Argentine superstar has agreed to stay. However, Barca’s huge salary fund at the moment is preventing that. According to regulations, the salary fund of each team is not allowed to exceed 70% of income, while Barca is at 110% of income.

Unable to announce Messi’s contract extension, the Catalan team has not even been able to register this player to play in the new La Liga season. Barca president Joan Laporta and La Liga president Javier Tebas are still looking for more flexibility in handling Messi’s contract.

Messi’s influence at Barca goes beyond the role of a striker born in 1987 on the pitch. Because, according to calculations, Messi accounts for a third of the club’s estimated income, based on the value of M10 with sponsorship contracts, media and ticket sales.

ly do barca chua the gia han hop dong voi messi2

Barca is looking to announce a new contract with Messi

Marc Ciria, general manager of Diagonal Investments calculates Messi’s impact on La Liga to be similar, falling between 20 and 30 percent of the league’s income. Ciria believes that Messi’s continued commitment to the Nou Camp will be much better than finding a new destination.

“Messi is the last icon left in La Liga. So if we lose him and he moves to another league then Spanish football will be less attractive and less competitive. La Liga. would not be a top brand without Messi there.”

Agreeing with Ciria, Getafe president Angel Torres recently said: “La Liga cannot allow Messi to leave. They will make mistakes and we will all regret it.”

messi chap nhan giam hon 50 luong o barcelona

Messi is the symbol of La Liga

The departure of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2018 made La Liga less attractive. The Super classic matches between Real Madrid and Barca also no longer attract as many viewers as before. In the event that Messi also chooses to leave, La Liga is really in a difficult situation. The copyright value of this tournament will certainly decrease.

Therefore, although it has been confirmed that there will be no exception for Barca to keep Messi, the La Liga BTC may find a way to help the Catalan team’s current problem be resolved flexibly. Especially when the new season is about to start.

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