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Argentina and PSG receive good news about Messi’s health

Argentina and Brazil will meet for the first time since the Copa America final in July, a match that saw Messi win his first prestigious title with the Tango team.

However, there were concerns that Messi could miss this match. In the match against Venezuela a few days ago, El Pulga suffered a malicious tackle from Adrian Martinez, fortunately he was not seriously injured and was able to continue playing for the full 90 minutes.

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Messi received a malicious kick in the match against Venezuela

The latest, coach Scaloni of the Argentina team also confirmed that Messi can still play in the match against Brazil taking place tomorrow morning on September 6. “Messi is fine,” Scaloni said in a press conference before the match against Brazil. “We are very worried but fortunately he has no serious problems. We will 100% confirm his condition this afternoon, as we work with the team’s medical team.

Brazil is a big competitor with an impressive track record. We will face this match with utmost determination. I had an idea about the selection of the squad, but currently some of the players who played against Venezuela are not able to practice with the whole team. So we’ll probably make some changes.”

Brazil is certainly a much tougher challenge than Venezuela but coach Scaloni insists that his team will not approach the game in a different way from other opponents.

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Messi can play normally

“We play every game the same way, no matter which team the opponent is,” he added. “We always try to do it in the best way possible, with the utmost determination of the whole team.

We are prepared for different situations. We know what to do at all times. We have to know how to change ourselves with and without the ball, we also need to know how the opponent is going to play.”

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