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3 reasons La Liga will refuse Barca for Messi’s case

According to some reputable sources in Spain, Barca is very close to extending the contract with Lionel Messi. Even the Argentine superstar has agreed to reduce his salary by 50% to share and carry with the club in difficult times.

Although all agreements between the two sides have been agreed, up to now, the contract extension has not been announced to the media. The biggest barrier is said to prevent the extension is the financial problem, when Barca’s salary fund currently exceeds the ceiling of La Liga regulations.

Therefore, if you want to close an extension with Messi soon, Blaugrana has no choice but to reduce his growing salary fund. Or ask the La Liga organizers to be “flexible” so that the Camp Nou team can announce the extension and fill in Messi’s name on the registration list for the new season.


Lionel Messi still has not been able to renew his contract with Barca despite being very good

“We want the league to be more flexible so that we can attract more signings”, “Negotiations with Messi are well underway, but we are working on some issues for both sides.” President Joan Laporta shared with the media on Monday.

Despite the offer, it seems that La Liga BTC will not be “flexible” to help Barca in this case. The governing body of the highest level of Spanish football is committed not to move even 1 millimeter of the set rules.

Above all, these terms have been agreed upon by all professional clubs participating in the tournament. Therefore, it will not be the case that BTC La Liga flexibly adjusts regulations just to patch up the mess created by Barca’s predecessor officials. Marca newspaper in the latest issue frankly pointed out 3 reasons to believe that the above is true.

Clubs don’t want to change the rules

In fact, it is not that La Liga cannot change the rules that have been set out before, because they include issues related to economics and this affects the entire tournament. But in order for the change to be approved, the process would have to be presented by a particular club and approved by all other clubs.

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Barca offered to ask La Liga to be flexible, but La Liga said no

La Liga’s BTC has determined that this is Barca’s own problem and other clubs will not accept the change just because of the mistake of the individual team. Previously, these regulations of La Liga also caused Elche, Murcia and Reus to suffer tournament penalties for registering players without legalizing documents. This could be a wake-up call for Barca at the moment.

France and Italy are experiencing serious problems

Ligue 1 continues to face financial burdens when the 2019/20 season has not yet ended, and a few clubs have come to the brink of bankruptcy.

Italian football then also called for help after losing 1.1 billion euros in revenue. In addition, the teams here also call for a postponement of debt payments for a minimum of two years and financial support for the clubs.

In Spain, the clubs don’t want to get in trouble with the tax authorities again. According to many sources, La Liga in recent years has proactively settled a lot of debt with the league’s profitable operating money.

So if any help comes from the Spanish government, it will be very welcome. But the clubs are also very cautious about the support when they do not want to be entangled in long-term debt.

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La Liga does not want to be in a situation like Ligue 1 or Serie A

Therefore, the flexibility for Barca to exceed the prescribed salary limit is like allowing clubs to lose money. Basically when this happens, the club will have an inability to pay wages because their financial resources are not enough. If this happens in the long term, it will affect the viability of the tournament.

Unfriendly look after the Super League project

It is possible that the problem related to the financial decline because of the epidemic and the problems will receive the sympathy of some clubs or even the entire BTC. But the fact that Barca became a founding member of the Super League, participating in the pursuit of a lawsuit with UEFA over the past time has made the sympathetic eyes of La Liga and other clubs no longer the same.

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Other clubs in Spain argue that Barca are looking for another league away from them, where the Catalan team can demand more wealth for themselves, affecting the national championship title. built and maintained over the years.

Moreover, the fact that Barca openly confronts UEFA can make La Liga become a thorn in the eyes of the European Football Federation and, more or less, they will also suffer. Therefore, when Barca urgently called for help from the BTC on extending the contract with Messi, the leaders of the tournament flatly refused.


Barca need to liquidate names that are no longer in the squad

Currently, Barca is not receiving the approval of La Liga BTC to be able to re-sign Messi. The only way now that Joan Laporta and her colleagues can go is to free up the growing salary fund by liquidating names that are no longer in the plan.

Barca now has a lot of bad contracts but high salaries like Coutinho, Pjanic or Umtiti, etc. Liquidating unnecessary names is the last solution to save the situation. Otherwise, when the player registration deadline closes, Barca cannot register Messi for the new season and then this superstar is forced to find a new destination, then the real disaster begins.

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